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Welcome, I'm Ana

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In-Depth Yoga Teachers Trainings

In-Depth Yoga Academy holds a handful of teacher trainings every year, spots are very much limited for the semi-private courses as we aim to provide quality education to each student.

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The Truth Behind Yoga Photography

It is no secret that yogis love photography, any of us would if we could bend ourselves like a pretzel all while looking zen. And the Internet is flooded with those stunning images so people often see these pictures of a yogi standing on a rock in the middle of the ocean with waves crashing over the side as they hold that incredibly difficult position looking like the gorgeous, spiritual souls they are. For the average practitioner this can be intimidating, which is not necessarily a new or unexpected thing. Take a look at the world we live in, in the recent years we began to talk about the truth behind photographs, the mechanical subplots that hold together the story of a picture, as we beg


I researched, bought tickets and packed for Wanderlust 108 all in the span of a few hours. After all, how could I possibly miss the opportunity to attend my very first yogic festival here in my home town. Granted Wanderlust is not just a yoga festival, far from it. Named a mindful triathlon it incorporates the basic idea of a triathlon only instead of running, biking and swimming there was running, yoga and meditation. I was nervous. Sign me up for some communal yoga and meditation any day of the week but running? Suddenly, I’m outside of my comfort zone. Running 5k? Well I was practically jumping out of my own skin. My fear didn’t lessen when I walked past the gates of the park and found m

Welcoming the newest member of our team and your brand new writer!

In the beginning InDepth Yoga Academy was a one woman show. Nathalie taught the classes herself, ran the blog herself and kept everything in line herself and I imagine no one is surprised, after all, she is one unstoppable woman. With expansion though, it becomes harder to do everything yourself so this is the part when I introduce myself, the newest member of your yoga family. My name is Ana, unlike Nathalie I don’t come from a sport background, if anything I come from a background of mostly remaining horizontal throughout my whole life. Even to this day the two types of exercise I do include yoga and photography. Yes, you read that right and if you think photography is not a sport say that


Many of us experience lower back pain and sometimes you don’t even know where it is coming from, all you know is it hurts like hell. Maybe you’ve spent days in bed and it hasn’t let off. Maybe it is stopping you from doing things you want to do. The truth is lying in bed isn't going to solve this problem and we all know it so you will have to pull your self out of bed, roll on the floor even. Grab a long pillow too! Throw down a yoga mat, if you don’t have one any mat will do. Make an effort to do these simple exercises as they may very well aid you in your pain quite a bit. 1. Child open knee: Sit on your knees legs tucked behind you, spread your knees wide enough so that when you bend f

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We are are a yoga school focusing on education, making wonderful yoga instructors with in-depth knowledge and experience. We are creatives, we are mentor, we are in-depth yogi.



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