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In-Depth Yoga Teachers Trainings

In-Depth Yoga Academy holds a handful of teacher trainings every year, spots are very much limited for the semi-private courses as we aim to provide quality education to each student.

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Yoga for a Goodnights Sleep

The holidays can be just as much a source of great joy as a source of great stress. Spending time with family and loved ones should be a pleasurable experience but often the need for everything to be perfect clouds our judgment and ruins our holiday spirit. With dinners to prepare, presents to buy and expectations to meet, it all gets a little too intense sometimes. We might socialize a little too much; add too many things to do in one day and push back “me” time a little too far back on the priority list. Getting a good nights sleep should be your number one priority every season but especially so during the holidays. Take it from someone who knows, waking up to a list of tasks the size of

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We are are a yoga school focusing on education, making wonderful yoga instructors with in-depth knowledge and experience. We are creatives, we are mentor, we are in-depth yogi.



Our ONLINE SCHOOL is just been opened. 

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