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In-Depth Yoga Teachers Trainings

In-Depth Yoga Academy holds a handful of teacher trainings every year, spots are very much limited for the semi-private courses as we aim to provide quality education to each student.

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Yoga for Athletes VS Athletic Yoga

As a former athlete, I especially understand not only the sheer importance of stretching. But I also understand the importance of relaxing the mind. Professional athletes place their minds and bodies under extreme pressure every day, thus, they may be more likely to suffer from mental health related problems or experience negative emotions more frequently than anyone else, which in addition to the rising statistics of mental illness is a cause for concern. Amongst other things, athletes may also suffer from injuries; the hips, hamstrings, and calf muscles, as an example, are strained excessively during heavy training and constant repetitive movement. Without proper stretching and elongation

Benefits of Aerial Yoga. Let's Fly!

Yoga as we know it is changing, evolving everyday. Its essence is carried out mixing with other practices leaving something new, unique and unmistakably innovative in its path. One of these recent developments is Aerial Yoga, a practice that only made its way into the mainstream a few years ago and since then gained quickly gained impressive popularity. The practice combines yoga, acrobatics and inversion asanas while being accessible to anyone, helping them find balance, alignment and aid them in their own yoga practice. The poses, done off ground in an levitating motion with the help of the hammock are very cirque du soleil and therefore both unique and exciting. You are suspended off the

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We are are a yoga school focusing on education, making wonderful yoga instructors with in-depth knowledge and experience. We are creatives, we are mentor, we are in-depth yogi.



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