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In-Depth Yoga Teachers Trainings

In-Depth Yoga Academy holds a handful of teacher trainings every year, spots are very much limited for the semi-private courses as we aim to provide quality education to each student.

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Yoga for Beginners.

I get a lot of my ideas from my students, meeting new and interesting people is one of the best parts of doing my job and listening to them tell their stories and journeys is always truly a pleasure. Quite often when new people attend my classes they tell me that because over the years yoga had become so massively popular, and there are many trainers online that post amazing poses standing on the tips of their finger nails over a large cliff, which in itself is amazing but also hugely intimidating for someone who has never done any kind of yoga practice before. It seems that people think that in order to even classify as someone who is allowed to do yoga, one must be flexible, skinny or some

Yoga For Life

Most of our lives we are running, not literally of course. The modern world is very similar to a race. We live in a time where we have to run in order to keep up, things are moving so fast and between giant billboards and skyscrapers we loose ourselves. It’s partly our own fault; we don’t take the time to balance out our lives. We never take a moment to sit down, to listen to our self’s. You would be incredibly surprised at what your own body has to say if only you listen to it. The only question that still remains is how do you find the balance? Sometimes it’s very hard to slow down, but you must try it. Everyone can make time in their schedule to give their mind and body the rest they dese

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We are are a yoga school focusing on education, making wonderful yoga instructors with in-depth knowledge and experience. We are creatives, we are mentor, we are in-depth yogi.



Our ONLINE SCHOOL is just been opened. 

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